An IPO/SPAC/STO is a complex and time-consuming process

IR CONSULT is one of the most experienced and independent IPO/STO advisors in Germany. Our specialty is an integrated IPO/SPAC/STO consulting which combines professional IPO advisory with the pre-issue communication, perfectly tailored to suit the specific target group. We are proud of many years of experiences (since 1987) and almost 100 successfully supported going public of all our team members. 

For structuring enhancement reasons, we subdivide the entire IPO/STO process in 7 individual steps and wish to highlight not to forget the post-IPO investor relations:

1. Flotation eligibility check (https://www.boersenreif.de/):

        external data:

             market and competition environment

             peer group analysis

             stock market situation e.g. investor wishes existing at the given time

        internal data:

             organization, legal structure, etc.

             management, accounting, controlling

             product and production analysis

             business plan

             strengths/weaknesses analysis

2. Establishment of the necessary teams:

            comprising internal and external specialists,

            notably in the fields accounting, law, technology and communications

            preparations for data procurement and a data room

3. Corporate analysis, fact book, bank exposé:

            placement concept (shares, segment, free float etc.)

            in-depth fact book

            with an evaluation, reasons for the IPO/STO and investment case

            from which an extract is taken for use as a bank exposé

4. Selection of consortium:

            pre-selection based on specialist know-how and track record

            'beauty contest' with subsequent selection of syndication leader

            negotiations, contracts and mandates

5. IPO communication, pre-IPO/STO investor relations:

            ‘beauty contest' of experienced agencies with selection

            positioning and concept for the specific target groups concerned

6. IPO/STO preparations:

            kick-off with detailed schedule and remit allocation

            in-depth due diligence

            details relevant to the IPO (number of shares, stock market segment, etc.)

            securities prospectus and admission to listing

            commencement of communication activities

            preparation of the presentation of the 'equity story'

7. IPO/STO phase:

            syndicate analyst and sales meeting

            press meetings and start of marketing

            pre-marketing and road show

            IPO/STO conference

            placement, allocation and first quotation

Please do not forget the start on-going investor relations immediately after the IPO/STO (https://www.ir-consult.com): 

            mandatory measures:


                 quarterly reports

                 annual report

                 IR pages in the internet 

            optional measures:

                active press work with final results press conferences

                fundamental investor relations with fact book

                analyst meetings and road shows

                permanent optimization due to funds analysis and IR checks

                Product Information Documents (PRIIP)

As such, the above is only an example of what can be done as the list has to be drawn specifically to suit each individual company. It does however give an indication as to the complexity of the IPO/STO process, the realization of which takes on average a good 12 months.

The placing of a STO (www.sto-ico.eu) is, however, easier, quicker and less expensice as the documentation level is significantly lower.

Our STO flyer.



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