Corporate Bonds (also via an ICO/STO) - the first Step to the Capital Market.

The issue of a corporate bond or the crowd financing opens a very attractive financing option for debt restructuring or growth financing. It helps to improve the independency of banks and to use the currently attractive interest rates. A bond, however, is only a financing for a fixed duration!

Due to the bank crisis a high number of companies have successfully issued own corporate bonds in Germany in order to improve its independency of banks. And thanks to the strong demand from investors the interest rates of the bonds have reached an attractive level, often cheaper than bank credits. Shares of 1,000 € making corporate bonds and crowd financing very attractive for private investors, too.

The issue procedure, costs and follow-up reporting duties are very similar to the normal IPO/STO process. Thus a lot of the companies intend to pay back the bond at the end of the duration with the money issued via an IPO.

IR CONSULT advises companies including the complete preparations (bond check, business plan, due diligence etc.), the quick realization (issue prospectus, PR etc.), the successful placing as well as the follow-up duties (creditor relations). We realize publicly offered bonds as well as not-traded bonded loans which therefore are more discreet and much cheaper to realize.

The attractive advantages of corporate bonds are the reason for the continued growth of this first step to the capital market:

• independency of banks 

• use of the very attractive interest rates

• sometimes without additional securities 

• sometimes without any covenants 

• flexible conditions 

• no duty to an external rating

• secures the medium-term liquidity 

• investors do not get any voting rights 

• additional bonds easily feasible 

• IPO already in preparation

If you like, we can send you our brochure about corporate bonds (unfortunately only in German).



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